Divergent Toronto Premiere

outfit 2

I was caught off guard when I saw Shailene step out in this more casual outfit to the premiere of Divergent. Whether or not it fit the occasion didn’t matter to me, but I absolutely adored the outfit.

Creating Your Look:

Since this outfit is more on the casual side, it’s a lot easier to recreate and definitely more wearable for a multitude of different occasions. For the shirt, you can choose a plain cotton shirt, or perhaps even go with a chambray shirt! As for the sweater, stick to plain sweaters that don’t have any print or design on them, as Shailene did, for a very elegant look and finish off with a pair of sparkly bottoms which can be pants, leggings, or even jeans. A pair of black pumps or heels can complete the outfit.

*All links to the original outfit websites are in the pictures! 






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